Stand out from your competitors, learn from the best in your industry.

Join us and a host of guests to accelerate your (or your clients) social media, digital and content marketing.  

 The mastermind kicks off on the 3rd April 


  • This is a social media marketers & business owners accelerator, we will brainstorm and create great ideas and content together. 
  • We will brainstorm and strategise, will will bounce ideas off each other.
  • Our goal is to meet in a safe online environment and share ideas based on the notion that a problem shared is a problem halved. 
  • Every month we’ll also bring in an expert in a different niche but in marketing for a live Q&A session. We’ll cover both B2B and B2C strategies. Each month we’ll also discuss achievements and failures, accountability will be an important focus.  
  • There is a community forum with access only for members.
  • They’ll be content and social media challenges for members to help increase personal and client visibility (The challenges are optional but remember you get out what you put in!). 
  • This is not a membership site where there are loads of videos and courses to trawl through with no guidance.  

Why are we doing this?

Between both of us, we have decades of experience working in the digital marketing and social media arenas.  

We have both worked with smaller SME’s and global leading brands.  

Lucy launched what is now the market leading social media marketing festival for marketers, Social Day. This event has been an enormous success in the UK following a stream of several events that have attracted global leading brands and SME’s alike. Lucy has been so careful in providing quality content and education at the Social Day events that it has led many to ask for a membership style community where they can learn regularly.  

Both Victoria and Lucy have spoken around the world on International stages about a number of digital, social and customer experience subjects.  

Victoria has worked on various experience related strategies and where she has revolutionised the way that people do businesses both in the real world and digitally. Thinking outside the box is paramount to her. One of her recent campaigns with a local business changed the business’ culture entirely, it created numerous new job roles within the business, it sold out multiple events, generated an exponential amount of sales and generated lots of coverage in leading global press institutions.  

When we both started our digital careers, we very much started alone and our friendship and business relationship has grown through the power of social media. We know how important relationships are to being successful in business and as people, because we have been through it and experienced the success of developing relationships.  

We know it is hard when you are beginning and we also know how difficult it can become when you are a couple of years into social media and digital marketing and you are stuck in a rut with little ideas. With the constant changes that happen on social media, we wanted to develop a membership that not only works for beginners but also for people who are looking to add some real depth, new ideas and real creativity to their existing strategies.  

People have and always will matter to both of us, and we know that no two people are the same, this is why we will dedicate our time within the group to make sure that everyone has their questions, queries and ideas discussed and supported, no matter what level you are at or what you are looking to achieve.  

We know that social media and digital marketing can seem hugely overwhelming, we want to take that away for you. Join Our Social Digital Accelerator community where you will learn from two smart brains (we would say that!) in digital marketing. We have a lot of experience between us and we have been fortunate to create very real success, we want to share that with you, so you can create it too.  

Thanks for now …. Lucy and Vikki  

What Exactly do I Get? 

  • 1 live interview and Q&A session with an industry expert per month.
  • 1 group content creation & social media ideas mastermind live video call per month.
  • Member only content and social media challenges.
  • Regular updates and ability to ask your burning questions.
  • Regular articles and tool reviews.
  • Community forum.
  • No upsells ever!!! 
  • Plus Access to all videos in one place Access to all Kickstart event videos Exclusive discounts and product trials throughout the year First look at new products and planners created Exclusive discounts for all live Kickstart events Upfront payment gets the Flamingo Social Media Content Planner  

What’s the investment?  

  • The investment is £50 (plus VAT) per month or $67.24(US). We feel it’s important that this is affordable so that freelancers and part time businesses can afford the payment easily.  
  • There's a little incentive for those who are willing to go all in and pay for the 12 months upfront: £600+VAT, you will get the 2018 A4 154 page social media content planner for free.  

What can we guarantee?  

  • we can’t guarantee anything. But if you show up for our sessions, I know you’ll feel energised and enthused, armed with plenty of ideas and strategies for your own brand or your clients business. 

All the benefits mentioned and access to the community for as long as you are a paid up member. £50p/m + VAT (£60)

All the benefits mentioned and access to the community PLUS the social media content planner physical book 2018. £600 + VAT (£720)